Hearts At Home Family Ministries

We are currently in the Central IL area.  If you are in this area and would like to get together with us let us know.  Leave a message here and I will get back with you.  We will be in this area until middle of July.
Mike has recently finished some handy man work and we will be heading to Minn. in the very near future.
As we contemplate what Yahweh Elohim has for us we will be posting our traveling areas.  Mike is available for speaking engagements and also to minister in ways that would bless those we meet.  If there are projects that you need help with we can do that too.

Right now we are planning on being in the Central Illinois area.
If you would like to have Mike speak he can talk about the Scriptures and being set-apart.  Mike is also working on a book concerning raising a set-apart family.

Mike's topics for speaking:
1.  As For Me and My House...What does it mean to be set-apart.
2.  Homeschooling:  How important is it anyway.
3.  Family
4.  Faith in times of trouble
If there are other areas that you would like to hear or if you would like to set up an engagement please leave us a note.

Stage two of our family plan
See our ambassador page

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