hearts joys

hearts joys

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Bathsheba Revisited

I would like to revisit the post I put on a while ago concerning the sin of Bathsheba.  Laurie and I were talking yesterday and this came up.  While I do believe the author of that post has some good things to say concerning modesty I also think he sets up a scenario of laying the blame at the feet of Bathsheba for David's sin.  There are a few organizations out in the world around us that also do this through their teachings.  While they have some good things to offer concerning our walk with the Messiah, they fail to teach personal responsibility for males and tell the females to do everything they can to prevent the males from sinning.  This sets up things for everything being the fault of the ladies.  A woman is not responsible for a decision a man makes to sin. 
    In our society today there is not much left for the imagination when it comes to female bodies.  The world around us uses the opposite sex to sell just about everything.  It is plastered on billboards and seen on t.v. and at the beach.  As a man, it becomes difficult to look away from someone who is not dressed modestly.  It is a constant battle, but it is one that a father should teach a son.  King David had a personal responsibility to not watch or keep looking.  He had a personal responsibility to not pursue his own passions with another man's wife. 
   When I look at the article concerning the sin of Bathsheba I am reminded of the verses in Gen 3:
Gen 3:12 And the man said, "The woman whom You gave to be with me, she gave me of the tree and I ate."
Adam tried to lay his sin at the feet of his wife.  We all need to take personal responsibility for our own actions.  We cannot blame someone else for our own sin.  We all make choices.  We all must stand before Yahweh Elohim and give an account of our lives.
    David was still a man after Elohim's own heart, he repented of his sin.  Bathsheba's son went on to become a wise king.  So, even after the sin, if we repent and turn from our wicked ways we can have a relationship with our Father.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

2 years in the creating

  Well, it has taken me two years but I have finally completed my second family oil portrait.  When I compare this one with my last one I can see some real improvement.  During those two years so much has happened.  We have traveled and changed jobs.  I have done several other oil paintings and portraits.  Our family is growing up and changing so much that this painting is so out of date.  I look forward to the next painting.  So here is the new to compare with the old.