hearts joys

hearts joys

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Tire Trouble Tackled Triumphantly

I am sorry I did not get this done sooner.  I was tackling the seepage of 7 inches of rain in our living quarters and was kept busy, some of which I will be posting later.

I last left you all as we headed into Thursday evening and trying to get a good nights sleep.  The journey continued the next day and it was supposed to be a scorcher as well.  We woke up late, some closer to 9 am, but it felt good in the cool of the sheets.  I took the girls, as they became ready, down to the breakfast nook to get something to eat and to start their day.  After seeing that all was progressing I headed out the door to get the last old tire replaced before we hit the road again.  While waiting for the tire to be mounted I was getting the supplies that would help us make it through the heat of the day as we headed North.
    I made sure we had an extra cooler and ice along with plenty of orange juice.  The orange juice seemed to be a big pick me up during the heat of yesterday.  We also had about 4 gallons of water and some light snack stuff for the trip.    Laurie suggested I get about 4 squirt bottles for the girls to mist themselves with.  So we did that and we all had some fun with them on the trip.  Carrie sat behind me and made sure I behaved.  When I didn't she made sure to squirt me well.
    While I was away Laurie was making sure the girls all had showers and started to clean up and pack up so we could load and be on our way as soon as possible.  After arriving back at the hotel I started to gather items that would hold ice and melt so we could have cold water as we needed it.  I loaded the pets and clothing items from the day before and we finally hit the road around 1 pm.  The hotel was very gracious in us leaving a little bit late.  We decided we would travel about 1 to 2 hours and then stop to cool off and let the animals also have a break.  So, once again we entreated our Heavenly Father for a safe trip and loaded up, did our head count and got going.
   We stopped for about a half hour at a rest stop and sat and relaxed in some shade.  We then headed for a gas station for some more ice and a longer stop.  I treated everyone to some ice cream cones and the attendant made a comment on how well behaved the girls all were while they patiently waited for their ice cream.  After continuing on down 80 we noticed there were traffic signs about an accident several miles ahead.  When we got closer the traffic was starting to back up.  It is a good thing we were heading north at that junction and did not arrive later than we did otherwise we would have had to wait to be able to take our turn north.  I also noticed as we headed north that the south bound traffic trying to get on 80 was also backing up.
   As the sun began to set we once again headed for a pit stop.  We were heading to the gas station and noticed a sign of someone running for
sheriff.  The signs says "crooks" for sheriff.  It was also in this community at our pit stop the attendant had a difficult acknowledging the fact that we have a Father who looks after us.  As I talked with her concerning our trip and the Father's protecting hand all she would say is that there was certainly a higher power of some sort looking out for us.  As we pulled out of the station and headed back down the road we said a prayer for her that Abba would open her eyes to the truth.  We had a pleasant trip the rest of the way as the sun went down and the air around us began to cool.  We stopped at the last rest area in Iowa for another break and it was a mess.  I mentioned it to the attendant and they were already beginning to clean.  The most amazing thing about this stop was the flowers.  I walked up a sidewalk to throw some garbage out and I was met with the overwhelming fragrance of these beautiful flowers in full bloom.

 For the most part the remaining part of the trip was uneventful apart from the cheers as we entered the state of Minnesota.  We arrived without further incident at Olivia around 2:30 in the morning a full 48 hours after leaving Illinois.  We got the children all bedded down for the night and began our Sabbath finally getting to bed around 4 am.
   There have been more adventures since arriving and I look forward to filling you in on the details in the coming days.  Until then may the Father bless your lives as you seek to live for Him.  Shalom

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Tire Trouble

We have now officially traded the heat in central Illinois for the heat in central Minnesota.  It took us a long time to get here.  We had some breakdowns along the way and had excessive heat stops so we could cool down.
   After praying for safety and protection along the way, we hit the road about 2:30 am on Thursday July 21.  We made it about an hour down the road when one of the camper tires blew going over a bridge.  With the camper and van swaying madly back and forth, Laurie and the girls screaming, I was able to keep the van and camper on the road.  I pulled over and checked things out.  Everything seemed to check out.  All the tires had air.   Now, the amazing thing is, right after we got back on the road a couple of the girls had to use the restroom.  Talk about timing, when I just get going, I hate stopping so soon.  But this stop was of Yahweh.  I pulled off at the first available exit that would have what we needed.  Since we were at a gas station I thought I might as well fill up so we could go even further before our next stop.  After I helped Laurie and the girls out I walked around the camper to double check things.  That's when I heard a disturbing sound, the sound of air hissing.  It was coming from the rear tire of the camper and then I saw to my dismay a couple of wires poking their way out of the tire.  I filled up and then backed the camper to a spot where we would not be in the way.  I went into the station and explained our situation.  The attendant told me of a place a block away that could possibly help me when they opened.  She also mentioned the owner usually stopped at the station on his way to work. We were stopped for the time being.  At about 5:30 or 6 a disabled gentleman (he was a rough looking sort of man) stopped to see if we needed any help.  He offered me the use of his 3-ton jack, but would have to walk back home first and bring it back with his pickup.  I was able to get the tire off and then continued to wait.  He stayed around and talked and also introduced me to the co-owner of the repair shop.  The owner did not think he had a tire the right size, but this gentleman thought he might know of someone who had a used one.  While the ladies sat and waited he drove me around trying to find the right tire.  The ladies were also visited by a young man about 13 year of age.  Dave, the disabled man, has taken this young man under his wing as he and his mother are on hard times.  When looking for a used tire failed, he took his time to take me 20 minutes back into Peoria to get a new one.  While at the store I got to thinking about the tires on the camper and something told me to get two instead of just the one I needed.  I know who it was that was prompting me:  it was Yahweh Almighty, the El who watches over us.  I offered to pay this gentleman for his time and gas but he refused and just said to pass it on to others who need help.
    In a song we have heard...."on the road again, just can't wait to get on the road again...."  We then were able to get back on the road for a time.  There were other "appointments" for us later in the day.  The sun was up and it was supposed to be hot.   We were headed north and almost to our turn off to head west when the dreaded happened again.  Another tire, only this time on the other side.  So I once again pulled over to the side of the highway, just before a work area.  I called 911 to let them know of our situation and began the wait for help.  Not only was it hot outside, now it was hot in the seat right next to me.  As the sun crept slowly higher in the sky we waited for the state trooper to come so we could get our second tire put on the rim.  After the officer arrived, the girls got out of the van and took turns in the cool of the trooper's car.  They even received a short tour complete with siren.  They told me all about asking to have the handcuffs put on dad.  The tire repaired, the animals watered, I asked if there was a hotel that would take animals which would be near by, as we were all suffering from the heat.  All in all we traveled about 150 miles in 12 hours.  That is just under 10 miles of travel every 45 minutes.
     We found a motel and I was able to get Laurie and the girls settled and I then went off to find something for supper.  When I got back they were all sleeping.  I took a nap for about an hour and then the others were starting to stir.  I gave them lots of orange juice and liquids and then as they became more hungry we started on the food.  By bedtime we were all ready for some much needed rest.  When I finally got everyone to bed and laid down myself I had had one hour of sleep in about 36 hours.  That being said, I was still pretty awake.  So, I spent time thanking our Protector and Provider for all of his help the last few days.  

To be continued.....