hearts joys

hearts joys

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Summer Schoolin the Thinkin Tree Way

So just what have the girls been learning.  Well, it seems they have been reading about horses, nature studies and horses.  

They have been helping the neighbors with planting flowers and picking up their lawns.

 Nature on the window screens

So, we met some of the neighbors the girls had been helping and in return we were shown his fantasy land express.  He runs the next size up from an HO.  I think it would be O.

 From there we ventured out into their back yard and were treated to a wonderful garden adventure.  It turned out to be more like taking a walk in a park.
 More nature study.
 Oh, the blessings.  The girls were so excited when a neighbor told them she would share her horses with them.  This was never expected or even thought possible.  But here they are.  Did I tell you they really desired to study horses this year.

 Frog stuck to the sliding glass door chasing and tasting the bugs attracted by the house lights at night.
 Oh, yes, the girls are doing school the thinking tree way.  So, they pick what they want to study and read lots of books, and write and draw and color all about what they are learning.  I think we have driven the librarians nuts with all the books we get through inter-library loan.

 Oh, did I forget to mention they want to learn all about horses?
 And more nature.
 Some of the girls have decided to study photography.
 Esther has opened an art store to sell prints of her work

 The beauty all around us declares the esteem of our Elohim.
 There is even time to do solitaire chess
 and find interesting things out in the yard and around the house.

 Discussing a muddy situation as the skid loader fills in the hole surrounding the foundation

 Finally the girls would love to have me tell you they actually were able to ride on a horse.

We have been blessed tremendously this summer and our neighbors tell us they have been blessed as well through our daughters being willing to share their time helping and being cheerful.  Oh, later we will have to share the quilt that is being done by Esther and the neighbor lady.

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