Monday, February 10, 2014

Holding Pattern

I would first of all like to say I am sorry I have not updated this sooner.  Yep, today is the 10th, when we had set a tentative date for heading south.  We have a new tentative date as the first part of next month.  We continue to sort and get rid of things.

I would like to say I was reminded by my wife and children that Yahweh knows our needs and the steps we take are guided by Him.  I was, needless to say, quite disappointed by our new leave date.  That being said, our steps are directed in the way in which we should go by a higher plan and better plan than we could ever imagine.

If we had left today we would be headed into another snow storm in the Georgia region at just about the same time frame we would be arriving.

Our "sale" didn't go quite as we had planned.  We had about 10 come with sales of just under $10 per person.  So, I am going back to selling through the paper and craigslist.  We will also be making quite a few donations of the things we will not be listing.

We will being getting some warm air in at the end of this week.  That is a praise!!
We are praying the price of propane goes down as we will be using that for heating and cooking.
We still have our school library to continue to sell.
I am needing to put air in the tires of the camper and all I am using is a small air compressor.  It takes quite a bit of time for each tire.
I am in need of a used spare tire for the van and camper.
I am in need of a generator that is quiet.

We were blessed by a visit from the neighbors yesterday as they thought we were heading out today.

Esther has illustrated a book and now needs to find the right words to put on the pages.  She has described the day in the life of a family of home schooling penguins. 
I told her to name the parents Percy and Priscilla Penguin and the three children Pieter, Paul and Polly.

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