Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Happy Helpers

Every one has been pitching in and helping with things that need to be done for the camp ground.  From cleaning the bathroom to de-winterizing a camper so it can be moved.  A cabin will be going in at this spot.

 There were also flowers to plant and a small garden.
I have been helping with the trimming of grass and bushes.  Making small repairs to benches and upkeep of some buildings.

 Also I have to keep in mind the repairs and keeping up of our own small abode.  We were having some problem with the front screen door.  So, I was going to make a quick fix.  I thought I could just take off the front one and exchange it with the back one.  below you can see the results.  Laurie said, after it was done, "don't you always say 'measure twice, cut once'".  If I hadn't been in quite a hurry to make a quick fix, if I had only taken the time to think it through properly, I would have realized the two doors were different sizes.  So, I had to take the screen doors back off and put them back where they belonged.  That being said, it wasn't too hard to fix the front door once I had it off.

After work or a hot day there are ways to cool off.  Squirt bottles are good for somethings.  No, one wanted to play with this little rascal, so dad was selected.  But once you get dad involved everyone wants to play!!  It becomes the battle of everyone against dad.
 Dad doesn't always play fair.  I grabbed a towel to help shield me from the water.   

 Since dad didn't play fair mom decided the girls needed some extra help

Carrie has trouble keeping up with dad but wants to be part of the action.

Sometimes squirt bottles just don't work as well as other items.  So, we degenerate from those to something that can hold more.

 With the girls screaming someone decides more help is needed.  So, escape and help on the way.

 planting the flowers.  They sure do smell pretty besides looking nice.

The arrival of the inspector and the most beautiful flower of all.

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