Monday, January 4, 2016

Moving Forword

We left Minnesota way back in April of 2014 with the intention of going where and when Abba El led us.  It has been a different kind of journey for us.  At this time we are getting ready to move forward to where and how and when the Father leads.  I have spent hours upon hours since the 8th of Dec looking for work.  It seems to us those doors are closing here in MO.  Never has it taken me so long to find employment.  So, Is the Father telling us He still desires us to be mobile?  It seems so to us.  There have been so many lives touched here and friendships made that it will be extremely difficult to move forward.  But that does not mean that Father will not lead us back here at some point and time.  We are giving it until the end of this week to have meaningful employment and then we must move forward as the funds for doing so are limited and we desire to be good stewards of what Elohim has given us.
   Currently it looks as if there are two doors open.  One in Illinois to help for a little while and minister to those who are seeking a closer walk with Father. and then moving forward to the next open door perhaps back in MN.
Please pray for us as we diligently seek Father and His will.  It is possible we were not supposed to be here in MO for years but to just touch the lives of those Father brought into our path.
 So, the journey continues and we are moving forward to new adventures with our Father.

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