hearts joys

hearts joys

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Sorting and Shoveling

Right now we are busy sorting and shoveling.
   We have some tentative plans taking place.  I am planning on placing a moving sale ad for the days of Feb 5,6,7 and 9.  Plans are to head out on the 10th. 
I have removed the jack stands from under the camper and have to make sure the wheels aren't stuck down to the ground yet. 
Thanks to our recent blizzard I am having to do some shoveling of snow to make sure the camper can get out.  Our plans then are to head south to some friends down in Georgia.
    We would ask you to pray

1.   Father would send some warmish type of air our way for the beginning of next month  when we start to stay in the camper

2.  Strength and energy as we head into these next few weeks

3.  For everything that needs to sell will.

4.  For lives to be touched:  ours and those who Father bring along our path.

5.  Everything Else.

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