Sunday, November 15, 2015

Filled with hot air

We had a hot air balloon land almost in our back yard.  We watched it for a little bit before we realized it was coming down.  It landed one mile south of us so we piled in the van and headed in that direction.  When we arrived it was down and the pilot was getting ready to let the air out.  He told us to join him in helping to put it away.  So here are the pictures of our adventure.
 It's coming down!!

 picture perfect landing
 letting the air out

 squeezing out the air
 holding the balloon off the ground so it does not twist

 putting the top back in
 wrapping up the balloon

 it all fits in this bag

 making room for more balloon

 The basket can hold 350 pounds or 3 people
 He offered to show the homeschool group the airport and plane hanger which is just about 3 miles from us.

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Megan Russell said...

That is so cool! I've never seen a hot air balloon close up like that!