Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Amazing Week

We have truly had an amazing week for the start of this years Hanukkah.  It began with the birth of our second grandchild.  I took Laurie over to our daughter's on Sunday and left her there to head back home to get some more work in.  The midwives arrived and then decided Sarah would not be giving birth that day and it would be a couple of days yet.  So they too left.  Well, Laurie then became Sarah's labor coach and the rest became history.  From the time the midwives left and the time Sarah gave birth was four hours.   Laurie was able to do the delivery and catch Taliyah Margiah before the midwives were able to make it back.  Taliyah Margiah means Yahweh's restful morning dew.  Laurie and a couple of the girls spent the week there helping out and allowing Sarah to get the rest she needed.

Hanukkah, festival of lights.
Proud Grandmother and stand in midwifeProud mom and dad with new daughter, 

Grandpa saying a blessing over the new grandchild

Waiting for mom to come home.  So glad mom's home
Shalom.  May the Peace of Yahweh Elohim fill your lives in the chaos of this world.

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