hearts joys

hearts joys

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Major Update

OK, so, we realized that we forgot to post about my sisters wedding [until last night that is] yikes!
Sadly as much as we wanted to we were unable to join them for the wedding so they spent the last few days of their honeymoon with us and we enjoyed a nice visit with them although a certain somebody thought that was the perfect time to sleep.  We were able to give them their belated wedding gifts.  We had a blast!
The bride!

                                         Mr and Mrs Ben ;)!

                                                                              some of my little sisters art!

                                            Ben and Michaelle on their visit!

 Them with their late wedding gifts!

                                        Some pics of the happy couple!


                                                and here is that certain sombody who spent the visit sleeping                                       

watching the wedding with Michaelle!

another post coming soon with pics and commentary from our move!
        Shalom from our family to yours!  By Charisa age 16

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