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Answering Questions.

I was curious before with the teachers of Torah and as you know I did explore. Could you please explain in more detail the following? 

Your teachings tell of the Christian's responsibility to adhere to the original Torah, the commandments given to God's people. Right? As is stated in 2 Timothy 3:16 - "All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:" Where does the New Testament fall in the Torah Believer's understanding ? Is it considered scripture at all? 

Yes, The New Testament is Scripture.  However, it is commentary on the Torah.  We cannot have a proper understanding of the NT without knowing and understanding Torah.  Yahshua, Messiah came as the Lamb of Elohim to be a covering for our sin.  There is no salvation apart from the atoning work of Messiah.  We are saved by grace through faith in His work on the stake.  The Jewish people failed to be the "priests and representatives" to the rest of the world that Yahweh desired.  Paul took the gospel or good news to the lost tribes of Israel scattered abroad.  (see who is Israel I will repost something about this)   You see, Messiah says He came to seek and save the lost sheep of Israel)  Paul says we as believers are grafted into Israel.  Paul, if read correctly and lining up with the rest of Scripture actually does not say the law is done away with.  Paul talks about 3 or 4 different laws.  Peter tells us in II Pet. to be very careful how we interpret Paul concerning the law as he speaks at a very deep level.  Everything in Scripture lines up with the rest of Scripture.  There are no inconsistencies.  If there is a seeming contradiction it is in how we interpreted it, not in the Scriptures.

The 119 ministry folks did make a lot of convincing arguments but my question is specially centered around why some Torah observers quote out of the New Testament but choose to live from the Old Testament? I do believe that God does not change, and I don't see God changing in the New Testament either. I see fulfillment of Prophecy and continuing of God's ordered plan for the Christian life. I see that the Old Testament clearly teaches the Sabbath Day but I also see the events laid out in the New Testament that clearly indicate an observance of the Lord's Day (commemorating Christ's Resurrection) which was clearly held on the First day of the week.

Ok, New Testament living.  Messiah said if you love me keep my commands.  Whose commands is He endorsing?  Yahweh Elohim's.  which are the Torah.  Torah is actually mistranslated.  It should actually be called "instructions"  The instructions that were given to Moses for the set apart people of Elohim were actually a marriage contract.  The bride failed to keep her part of the contract so Elohim divorced her and sent her out of the land.  For Elohim to again remarry her would be to go against the instructions He had given, so there had to be a death, enter Messiah, a death.  Now the marriage contract never was done away with.  In the contract are the instructions of what Elohim desires His bride to be and do.  Blessings if you follow it and Curses if you do not.  So, we keep Torah not out of because we have to but because it is a demonstration of our love for Messiah.  Do we keep it perfectly, no, so we have I John 1:9.  We do what we can to the best of our ability, not because it saves us but because we desire to demonstrate our love for Messiah.

    The first day of the week.  Worship was conducted not on the first day of the week.  In Matt. where the ladies are coming to the tomb.  Scripture actually says "as it was dawning toward the first day of the week."  In Jewish terms this would be Saturday evening just before the sun set.  The Lord's day comes completely out of sun worship through Constantine and the Roman church.  Everywhere in the NT Paul and others taught at the synagogues on the Sabbath as was their custom.  The Roman church does not hide the fact that it changed the appointed times of Yahweh.  Just look at any encyclopedia.  Daniels tells us there would come one who would change the times and appointed days of Yahweh.  In the early 300's ad the council of Nicea things were changed and hidden so that people would actually be in sun worship.  This would include Christmas and Easter.  Easter is on a sunday every year.  Passover, the appointed time of Messiah's death changes every year.  Do the research and you will see that Christmas and Easter are pagan.
   Here again, Yahweh does not change.  His set apart appointment day remains the 7th day.  It is a day of rest.  6000 years to work and then the Sabbath rest of His kingdom.  To have the day of rest on the first day of the week destroys the type that was established back at creation.  Satan is a deciever.  In the last days even the elect could possibly be decieved, so great is satan's lie.
Consider this, If we are to live as Messiah did, He is our example, and he rested on the 7th day why would we do anything different?  There is no place in the Scriptures that Elohim says to worship on the first day because He changed things.

His resurrection (John 20:1), His first and second appearance to the disciples (John 20:19 & 26), the first sermon preached by Peter (Acts 2:14-15), the outpouring of the Holy Spirit (Acts 2:1), the first baptisms (Acts 2:41), Pauls 7 day visit at Troas, mentions gathering for breaking bread with believers on the first day of the week, not the Sabbath.(Acts 20:6-8), collections for the poor (1 Corinthians 16:2), John the Revelator's Vision on the Lord's Day (Revelation 1:10). 
I will get back to this with another posting.
You need to reference every scripture that talks about the Lord's day.  The Lord's day refers to day of atonement.
Constantine changed things and used the term "Lord's day"  It never in Scripture refers to the Sabbath that Yahweh appointed for His set apart people to keep.

I also see that the disciples were faithful for adhere to the commandments as taught by Jesus who didn't come to abolish the Law but to fulfill it. So I don't believe the Sabbath Day and the Lord's Day are the same. Which wouldn't make Jesus changing the Law at all. The New Testament Christians observed the Lord's Day because of all the events listed above that took place on that day (first day of the week) I see it as the Law was in place and still is up to and including Christ's coming, crucifixion and resurrection. Then, when that was fulfilled, which was prophesied in the Old Testament, a new beginning was established. 
No, a new beginning was not established.  the words for New Testament mean a renewed covenant, the old was not done away with but renewed by the blood of Messiah.  It is a marriage covenant.  I will also post more on this.

Based on the important new events told in the New Testament which the Old Testament believers could not experience until Christ came, why is it not acknowledged by Torah believers that it is acceptable to meet and honor the Lord on a Sunday? Why is it considered a life and death error? 
Because, Yahweh never changed who His set apart people were and the instructions He gave.  To worship Him in this way is an abomination according to Deut as it is worshiping Him in a way He does not want.  He says very specifically do not worship Him using the way the pagans do.  The pagans worship the sun on the first day of the week.  Remember the 10 virgins?  Only 5 were admitted to the marriage supper (the ones who kept the marriage contract)  I will also post on this

I am very interested in hearing your explanation. There are other questions I have too that I have come across as I have taken the call to be a Berean and studied scripture - such as the women's headship veiling, modest dressing, fellowshipping of the saints etc. But I'll leave those to later. 

Keep the questions coming.  Also if there is more I need to clear up from my hurried post here.

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