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Who is in Babylon?

I am posting today from an excerpt of the book Exiting Babylon.  It is used by permission from the author.  I would recommend that if you desire to follow Yahweh Elohim, the author of the Scriptures that you read this and be a Berean not taking for granted that the doctrines and things you are hearing from the pulpits of the church are true representations of the Word of Elohim.  Please consider
1.  Who is Israel
2.  Who did Yahshua say he came to save?
3.  If "God" does not change then why are you resting on Sunday?
4.  This is a difference of life and death.

The bible has been translated into different languages and versions, but they all say pretty much the same thing. How in the world could we have so many different ways that people worship the Creator if we only have ONE set of scriptures? There is actually an easy answer for that. The Creator didn't create "religion." Man did. The Creator created one way of life for us to follow if we wish to become his people. When man gets to fooling with it, and he mixes that one way of life with other man-made things and traditions, then it splits and goes all over the place. All it takes is for another guy who is somewhat charismatic or outspoken, maybe a little educated or well read in the scriptures, and can influence some people by saying; "Hey, this is how I think we could best serve the Creator," and *poof* - another religion is born and people go off to follow him. Most of the time it involves a pride issue when someone wants others to think they are right; they want to have a following.

We need to ALL be good Bereans and search the scriptures to see if what we do and if what we hear matches the Word. If it doesn't match then there's a choice to make. Do we do what the Word of the Creator says, or do we do what religion teaches us? Because as of right now, there's a WHOLE LOT that doesn't match. And in the end, when we are standing before our maker, do you assume you will be judged based on your obedience to what He said or to what your religion says? You have a bible, correct? If what you do doesn't match what the Creator said - then how will you have any excuse?

The Earth is in turmoil and wickedness abounds, so if we are at the time that is described in scriptures, we should pay attention to what the Creator's people will be doing at the end, wouldn't you agree? Let's take a look at the description of the Creator's people at the end of days as it was shown to John (twice) in his vision and was recorded in the book of Revelation:
Revelation 14: 12 Here is the patience of the saints: here are they that keep the commandments of God, and the testimonies of the Messiah. His people will keep the commandments and keep the the testimonies of the Messiah. Exactly what are "testimonies?"
The churches of today don't teach these, which is no big surprise. It's not a "story" like you'd tell your "testimony in court." It is a word that has been modernized to mean something else, which is a bad practice when translating scripture and I'll show you why shortly. Paul wrote of examples we would be following, so let's look at what he wrote for another clue. Paul wrote about the first exodus in his letters to the people of Corinth; 1 Corinthians 10: 11 Now all these things happened unto them for examples: and they are written for our admonition, upon whom the ends of the world are come. As these things were written down as examples to those people who will be around at the time of the end, then we'd better pay pretty close attention to just what these "examples" are, wouldn't you think? After all, John says this Revelation 18: 4 And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that you be not partakers of her sins, and that you receive not of her plagues. Notice a couple things about this verse. #1. The Creator isn't calling everyone out of Babylon, just his people. #2. The Creator said to not partake of her sins, so you will not receive her plagues. If you read about the plagues that happened to the Egyptians when pharaoh would not let Moses and the Israel people go, Egypt received a LOT of horrible plagues. But the Creator's people did not receive the plagues. This verse in Revelation from John's vision makes it appear that what happened to Israel in the first exodus will happen to the people called Israel at the end of time. We should straighten something out that some people have a hard time with - the people called Israel are not all in the land called "Israel." When was the first time we heard mention of the name Israel in the bible?
This group of people is what we need to be grafted into, this group is the name of the Creator's people, and why the Messiah said; Matthew 15: 24 I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel. Once people become ISRAEL, then they will have a Messiah to deliver them at the end of time. There have always been two groups of people, Israel and Gentiles. "Gentile" was what everybody else was called who wasn't in covenant with the Creator. The lost sheep are scattered into the gentile nations, and it is from out of these places that the people will come when they hear the Creator's voice and return, just as prophesy says. A "gentile believer" is an oxymoron. Once you come into covenant with the Creator then you become one of his people and you become Israel, and you are no longer a gentile. Just as Ruth was no longer a Moabite that we learn about in the book of Ruth.
Let me state something that should be realized first and foremost about Israel The group of people named Israel is the ONLY group of people to which the Creator gave a covenant, the only group of people that his commandments are for, that the Messiah was sent for, and that the scriptures are written for. NOBODY ELSE. The Creator is calling his people out of Babylon NOW. People are hearing his voice and are obeying him, they are learning things that have been "sealed up until the time of the end" as was told in Daniel. There is a reason why it is written; Matthew 24: 24 For there shall arise false Messiahs, and false prophets, and shall show great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect. This deception is going on right now. It has been going on for a very long time, it is not something coming in the future. People assume that “the devil will come into the church." That happened a very long time ago. I do believe the end is much closer than what most people think. People assume the "Mark of the Beast" is coming. It is here and it has been here. It is not a tattoo, a bar code, an RFID chip, or a social security number.

More to come.

Shoob, Scott (2015-11-24). Exit Babylon (pp. 24-26). Beit Tefillah Publishing. Kindle Edition.

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Michele Thiessen said...

Hi Myk ... I have some questions.

I was curious before with the teachers of Torah and as you know I did explore. Could you please explain in more detail the following?

Your teachings tell of the Christian's responsibility to adhere to the original Torah, the commandments given to God's people. Right? As is stated in 2 Timothy 3:16 - "All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:" Where does the New Testament fall in the Torah Believer's understanding ? Is it considered scripture at all?

The 119 ministry folks did make a lot of convincing arguments but my question is specially centered around why some Torah observers quote out of the New Testament but choose to live from the Old Testament? I do believe that God does not change, and I don't see God changing in the New Testament either. I see fulfillment of Prophecy and continuing of God's ordered plan for the Christian life. I see that the Old Testament clearly teaches the Sabbath Day but I also see the events laid out in the New Testament that clearly indicate an observance of the Lord's Day (commemorating Christ's Resurrection) which was clearly held on the First day of the week.

His resurrection (John 20:1), His first and second appearance to the disciples (John 20:19 & 26), the first sermon preached by Peter (Acts 2:14-15), the outpouring of the Holy Spirit (Acts 2:1), the first baptisms (Acts 2:41), Pauls 7 day visit at Troas, mentions gathering for breaking bread with believers on the first day of the week, not the Sabbath.(Acts 20:6-8), collections for the poor (1 Corinthians 16:2), John the Revelator's Vision on the Lord's Day (Revelation 1:10).

I also see that the disciples were faithful for adhere to the commandments as taught by Jesus who didn't come to abolish the Law but to fulfill it. So I don't believe the Sabbath Day and the Lord's Day are the same. Which wouldn't make Jesus changing the Law at all. The New Testament Christians observed the Lord's Day because of all the events listed above that took place on that day (first day of the week) I see it as the Law was in place and still is up to and including Christ's coming, crucifixion and resurrection. Then, when that was fulfilled, which was prophesied in the Old Testament, a new beginning was established.

Based on the important new events told in the New Testament which the Old Testament believers could not experience until Christ came, why is it not acknowledged by Torah believers that it is acceptable to meet and honor the Lord on a Sunday? Why is it considered a life and death error?

I am very interested in hearing your explanation. There are other questions I have too that I have come across as I have taken the call to be a Berean and studied scripture - such as the women's headship veiling, modest dressing, fellowshipping of the saints etc. But I'll leave those to later.

Thanks for the time you take in making these posts. They are very interesting and thought provoking and question creating! ��