hearts joys

hearts joys

Tuesday, December 27, 2016


We are here to be a light to the Way.  Where we currently reside if we are believer's in Messiah is not our home or country.  An Ambassador represents his home country.  If we truly represent the Father we must live the lifestyle we are instructed to by the Father.  Consider Sampson.  When he was confronting the culture he was effective.  When he tried to join the culture he was ineffective 
Php 2:15 in order that you be blameless and faultless, 
children of Elohim without blemish in the midst of a 
crooked and perverse generation, among whom you shine 
as lights in the world, 
     Sampson is an example of being called to be different. 
His was the vow of the Nazarite. He was to be unique, 
set-apart for Yahweh’s purposes. Sampson was not effective 
in his calling as a visual aid for one reason. He went down 
to the Philistines and 
rather than being in confrontation to the culture there, he 
chose to participate in it. This is what I see in the churches 
today and why following Abba’s instructions are so important. 
Sampson’s big failure was not so much in violating his Nazarite 
vow but in beginning to participate in the cultural value 
system that he was supposed to be confronting. 
     It is completely impossible for us to live out this 
Elohim – centered existence in confrontation of the cultural 
values that we live with and with which we disagree if we 
are openly or even secretly participating in the value 
system in which we oppose. The great failure of Christianity 
is its tendency to adopt the cultural values and the 
lifestyle values of the very culture we are supposed 
to be distinct from. Just as when Sampson lived a 
lifestyle completely separated to Elohim’s values 
he was effective, so too when we live according to 
Abba’s instructions we can be effective. When Sampson 
compromised with the value system he represented he 
lost his power and effectiveness. The same thing 
happens to us. Our task is to be a part of this 
confrontation between the culture of Elohim and 
the culture of the world. Our task begins and ends 
with discipleship for ourselves and our family. We 
must recognize that “faith is more often than not 
counter-cultural, that the values it elevates – 
selflessness, love, faith – are often ignored, 
belittled, or perverted by the society we live in. 
And if Jesus really is Lord, as the Gospels, the 
apostle Paul, and the church insists, then nothing 
else is, so why should it matter what society thinks, 
does, or says?”3  
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