hearts joys

hearts joys

Monday, April 22, 2013

Visit and fashion police

It was a short visit but a long trip to Michigan for my older brothers funeral.  Fourteen hours by car, one way.  It felt great to reconnect with people back home.  I am sure that now things are beginning to settle for my sister in law and nieces and nephews.  The hard work is now ahead.  That of beginning life without husband and father. 
I never dreamed that one of us kids would die after so short a life.  No one knows when his time has come.  Life itself is short.  We must make the most of the time that Yahweh Elohim gives us here in this world.  However, nothing takes Yahweh by surprise.  He has planned since the foundation of the world each one of our steps.  For my sister in law and her children, Yahweh tells us that He is father to the fatherless.  I too would do what I can in the future for them.  Now, it is to keep them in my prayers on a daily basis. 
An obstacle I had when I was in Michigan was the fashion police.  I tried to wear a shirt and tie I had purchased for the occasion and was told the tie didn't go.  (I had to purchase these as the ones I had previously were of mixed threads).  Ok, so, I didn't have another tie that was ok by the fashion police either.  So then, the tie went and I had a wonderful time visiting without a tie.  Here let me show you...
Now I will show a photo of my older brother.  This picture was taken in his younger days.
He will be missed.  But I think the fashion police were absent when this photo was taken.

Dave, I love you.  You will be missed.  Shalom, brother, shalom.

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