Sunday, April 28, 2013

Flooring Being Put In

Today we continued work on our future home.  We started to put the new flooring in.

Here we have the flooring being prepared to put in the camper and also the supervisor looking over the materials.
The subfloor has been swept and cleaned to put down the new floor

The supervisor helping me to spread the vapor barrier
This stuff is slippery and hard to spread.  Sure is fun to attack and hide in

Hey, where did all the hired help disappear to?

The hired help is just mowseying along.  Must be on break

First row in and figured out for the rest.  Halfway done with the living area.

My hard working helpers installing the floor in the dining area.  Esther and Charisa
Taking a breather

It's finished!!.  Joanna in the back preparing the last half of the subfloor

The finished living area and dining area

It looks like the supervisor is satisfied with a hard days work.

time for a nap.  We are half way done with the floor.  Looking forward to having it all done.

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