Sunday, May 26, 2013

Getting Old and pics

Well, I finally figured out what all the whispering, huddles and "never mind dad" has been all about for the last two months.  The girls had me scampering around the house and all out of breath for their "let's get dad to do some exercise" treasure hunt.  The girls had 51 clues, all scripture verses with one word in the verse highlighted as the clue.  However, they had quite a few talking about prayer as a bigger clue to the treasure.  I had to be in seclusion upstairs while they hid all their clues.  Abigail had knitted a prayer shawl for me.  It is her own design.  It turned out very beautiful.  It took her 20 hours for 200 rows.  That gets me out of breath just thinking about it.  So before I get all out of breath just typing (some of you know how it is when you are old), I will post some of the pictures.  I think Laurie took a picture of each clue being found.
Just to show that old people can still have fun.
And no, mom, I did not stand on or walk across the swingset this time.

Friends from Israel stopped in for a visit.
And now for the birthday pictures.  The hunt begins.

a most difficult clue.

Ok, who's next?  This clue drove me nuts, not that I'm not halfway there already. 

I think here I was about half way done. 
 Needing a nap too.

hey, you won't believe what gets stuck under here besides a clue

My wonderful wife had a clue stuck in her pocket.

You do know that pyromaniacs are in the family tree?

My oatmeal is growing things.

Oil anyone?

This is Abigail, she too had a clue

My coffee partner, Mr. Cup.

Wow, glad it's done.  Now for a rest

Unwrapping the treasure

One prayer shawl with nuts included, I know what you are thinking.  No, it isn't me.  But I could qualify. They stuffed pistachios inside.

A wonderful job.  It is beautiful.  Now on Friday nights when I bless the children I can cover them too.

Hearts at Home what a blessing

Here is Abigail's pattern

More blessings

Well, I am sure that 51 never felt so good.  and am sure as the year goes by it will bring more blessings.  Hope you all enjoyed the pictures just as much as I did posting them.

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