hearts joys

hearts joys

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Processing Jam

So far the girls and I have put up 33 half pints of Lilac Jelly.  I thought you would enjoy seeing the process through pictures.  We have a double batch (1/2 gallon) left to do.

1.  Locate your lilac source
Pick the amount you need.  I just stripped the leaves and everything at once.  Had about a 5 gallon bucket filled in no time.

  Don't forget to pick a bouquet for your wife.

Here are the blossoms waiting to be separated from the leaves and stems.

The decoction beginning to heat

Add the pectin and lemon juice

Don't forget to get the jars and lids ready to go

16 cups of sugar waiting for the decoction to boil

Add sugar all at once

bring to a rolling boil

Add some girls to help fill the jars

put lids on and place in the water bath

While waiting for the canner to finish get some dandelions and girls to cut the yellow parts off to make some dandelion jelly.

Do the dandelions the same way as the lilacs.
The jam tastes great.  We will have to try the dandelion jelly later this week.

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Ken Johnson said...

I bet the process goes faster with all those hands helping! I would love to try some lilac and dandelion jelly. Never heard of either.