Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Front Porch Science

I guess life science doesn't get much more real than this.  We have life science going on right above our front porch.  Back while we were getting ready for Sarah's wedding the plant pots hanging above our porch didn't get much water, there was just too much going on to remember to do that.  So, one of the flower pot's flowers died.  I bought another one to replace it knowing the wedding was coming up.  When I took the dead plant down I found a nest with four little eggs, three in the nest and 1 out side of it.  Not wanting to disturb any birds around I just hung the pot back up.  I can just picture the neighbors wondering why we are keeping a dead plant hanging from our porch, while the live one sits on the side. 

So, as a few days passed and we didn't see any sign of the eggs being taken care of we thought perhaps mama and papa moved on, not liking the front door being opened so much.   I was beginning to think I would be able to hang the live plant after all.  Well, I found out pretty fast that I was wrong.  There was one evening when Sarah was over for a dress fitting, Sarah and mom had gone into our bedroom for a mom to daughter chat.  I was chased out of the computer chair by one of the girls wanting to use the computer, so I then headed for our bedroom to relax and read on the bed.  Nope, not there either, someone was having a heart to heart chat and no men were allowed.  So, I took mr. cup and coffee to the front porch to relax.

 As I was sitting on the wide rail near the door I kept hearing this "cheep, cheep, cheep"  coming from Mrs. House Finch in the pine tree nearby.  I think I was again being chased off as she apparently wanted to take care of her eggs and didn't want me nearby.  Getting tired of the constant chatter coming from the pine tree, I headed back inside, lost, not knowing where I should head for next.  No place to just stop and sit quietly and relax.

We waited for the eggs to hatch and now we are hearing little peeps whenever Mr and Mrs Finch are feeding them.  As you look at the pictures you can see little yellow beeks and the red in the pictures are the male house finch.  Hope you enjoy these as much as we are

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