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hearts joys

Thursday, December 26, 2013

More on the Sabbath

If all of the Word of Elohim is true, we cannot pick and choose what we want to believe or how we want to believe.
   Do you know why all those who came out of Egypt were not allowed to enter into the "rest" of the promised land?  It was because of unbelief and disobedience.  Heb. 3,4:

that being said do you believe Psa 89:34 "I shall not profane My covenant, Neither would I change what has gone out from My lips.  If that is so, then what don't we believe about this?  Exo 31:17 ‘Between Me and the children of Yisra’ĕl it is a sign forever.  Perhaps you put a qualifier on it.  You may say but that was only for the children of Israel.  So, then does Scripture address this question too?  You better believe it does.  Messiah came to seek and to save who?  The lost sheep of Israel.
What does Paul tell us the wild olive branch is grafted into?  Rom. 11
Rom 11:11 I say then, have they stumbled that they should fall? Let it not be! But by their fall deliverance has come to the gentiles, to provoke them to jealousy.
Rom 11:12 And if their fall is riches for the world, and their failure riches for the gentiles, how much more their completeness!
Rom 11:13 For I speak to you, the gentiles, inasmuch as I am an emissary to the gentiles, I esteem my service,
Rom 11:14 if somehow I might provoke to jealousy those who are my flesh and save some of them.
Rom 11:15 For if their casting away is the restoration to favour of the world, what is their acceptance but life from the dead?
Rom 11:16 Now if the first-fruit is set-apart, the lump is also. And if the root is set-apart, so are the branches.
Rom 11:17 And if some of the branches were broken off, and you, being a wild olive tree, have been grafted in among them, and came to share the root and fatness of the olive tree,
Rom 11:18 do not boast against the branches. And if you boast, remember: you do not bear the root, but the root bears you!
Rom 11:19 You shall say then, "The branches were broken off that I might be grafted in."
Rom 11:20 Good! By unbelief they were broken off, and you stand by belief. Do not be arrogant, but fear.
Rom 11:21 For if Elohim did not spare the natural branches, He might not spare you either.
Ok, try this one.  Who are the children of Abraham? or Israel? 
Joh 8:39 They answered and said to Him, "Aḇraham is our father."1 יהושע said to them, "If you were Aḇraham’s children, you would do the works of Aḇraham. Footnote: 1See Mt. 3:9, Rom. 9:8.
Joh 8:40 "But now you seek to kill Me, a Man who has spoken to you the truth which I heard from Elohim. Aḇraham did not do this.
Joh 8:41 "You do the works of your father." Then they said to Him, "We were not born of whoring, we have one Father: Elohim."
Joh 8:39 They answered and said to Him, "Aḇraham is our father."1 יהושע said to them, "If you were Aḇraham’s children, you would do the works of Aḇraham. Footnote: 1See Mt. 3:9, Rom. 9:8.
Joh 8:40 "But now you seek to kill Me, a Man who has spoken to you the truth which I heard from Elohim. Aḇraham did not do this.
Joh 10:16 And other sheep I have, which are not of this fold: them also I must bring, and they shall hear my voice; and there shall be one fold, and one shepherd.
As believer's we are of the seed of Abraham, Israel, not Jews but Israel the set-apart people.

Let us move on.  What did the Bereans do?

They searched the Scriptures daily.  Why?  To make sure what Paul was preaching was accurate and true.  What Scriptures did they search?  The NT had not been written yet.  It had to be the OT, The Tanak and Torah.  Paul was preaching and teaching the OT.  Everything he said and taught had to be in agreement with it.  He did not bring a new gospel of not keeping the laws of Elohim.

They must have been observing the 7th day Sabbath and the rest of the instructions of Elohim found in the Torah.

Act 17:10 And the brothers immediately sent Sha’ul and Sila away by night to Beroia, who, having come, went into the congregation of the Yehuḏim.
Act 17:11 Now these were more noble than those in Thessalonike, who received the word with great eagerness, and searched the Scriptures daily, if these words were so.
Act 17:12 Then many of them truly believed, and also not a few of the Greeks, decent women as well as men.

Let's turn to Acts 20.  Many use this as a prooftext for Sunday observance.  But we need to go to the original language to find out what is actually a mistranslation into the English.
Act 20:6 And we sailed away from Philippi after the Days of Unleavened Bread, and came to them at Troas in five days, where we stayed seven days.

Act 20:7 And on the first day of the week, the taught ones having gathered together to break bread, Sha’ul, intending to depart the next day, was reasoning with them and was extending the word till midnight.
Act 20:6 AndG1161 weG2249 sailed awayG1602 fromG575 PhilippiG5375 afterG3326 theG3588 daysG2250 of unleavened bread,G106 andG2532 cameG2064 untoG4314 themG846 toG1519 TroasG5174 inG891 fiveG4002 days;G2250 whereG3757 we abodeG1304 sevenG2033 days.G2250
Act 20:7 AndG1161 uponG1722 theG3588 firstG3391 day of theG3588 week,G4521 when theG3588 disciplesG3101 came togetherG4863 to breakG2806 bread,G740 PaulG3972 preachedG1256 unto them,G846 readyG3195 to departG1826 on theG3588 morrow;G1887 andG5037 continuedG3905 his speechG3056 untilG3360 midnight.G3317
Look at this word, G4521,  In the original language the word is Sabbath, not week.  Also you can see the word "day" is added to the text.  It was not in the original. 

Act 20:7 ενG1722 AND δεG1161 ON τηG3588 THE μιαG3391 FIRST "DAY" τωνG3588 OF THE σαββατωνG4521 WEEK,


Thayer Definition:
1) the seventh day of each week which was a sacred festival on which the Israelites were required to abstain from all work
1a) the institution of the sabbath, the law for keeping holy every seventh day of the week
1b) a single sabbath, sabbath day
2) seven days, a week

Part of Speech: noun neuter

A Related Word by Thayer’s/Strong’s Number: of Hebrew origin H7676

More to come   

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