Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Learning On The Road

What kinds of opportunities
are there for learning on the road?
We passed through 6 different states and crossed many rivers.
Minn, Iowa, Neb, Kan, MO, AR

We have seen some great sunsets and different kinds of cloud formations.
We keep an eye on our weather.

We have seen some birds we have never seen before.  Here is the Scissor-tail Flycatcher.  There have been vultures and wild birds at the sanctuary and blackbirds.
We have been to a fish hatchery.  These are Rainbow trout.

There are wildflowers and herbs.  Here is a columbine

This turtle (wood turtle)  just happened to be taking a stroll through our campsite

I startled this baby rabbit while I was trimming weeds.  We were able to touch it and pick it up.

 Our son in law has some sheep and goats.  We can learn about farm animals
 Here is a canon used during the Civil War
 Arrow heads.  The Delaware Indians were removed to this location before being relocated again west of here.
This is a weaving loom.

 An old log cabin about 30 by 30 with a loft was used by a family with 14 children
 old one room schoolhouse like Laura Ingalls used.

 Again beautiful sunsets and weather patterns.  Keeping our eyes on those storm clouds.

Mother Robin sitting on her nest.

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