Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The testing of Faith

  At this time in our travels we find our faith is being sorely tried.  We have some repairs that need to be made before we journey onward and without the finances to make those repairs.  We are needing to move to another location as the water where we are will need to be shut off for the winter.  Our finances are dwindling and I have not yet been able to find work to bring in a steady income.  We look forward to how Abba El will be meeting our needs with anticipation.  For some there are doubts, some of us are hanging on by a shoestring as we bring our needs to our Father who knows all things before we ask.  I have lived for Elohim too long to actually give up my faith in His Word but there still remains that struggle.  I know all the scriptures that tell of His love for us and how He will meet those needs.  It is one thing to know in my head but another all together for those head messages to reach the heart.  I hesitate to share here what the needs are as I desire to leave things in the hands of Father and to watch as He meets those needs.  One need we had that has been met is a hot water heater.  Ours rusted out and until I can replace it at the cost of 500.00 we have no running water again in the camper.  My daughter who is with us has offered her savings to have it replaced so we are able to move forward.  I am praising Elohim for this answer to my prayers and ask that He will continue to guide and direct us.  I trust that all is well for those who are following us.  I am sorry I am not able to update the blog very much as we have to travel to use the internet.

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