Saturday, November 29, 2014

I started to work for an in home care organization a couple of weeks ago.  Things are going well.  The girls have all been sick this last week and are beginning to recover.  We love being in the south as we are avoiding most of the cold and wet white stuff.  We did have some a couple of weeks ago but that is long gone.  I still have things that need to be repaired on the van and am asking for Yah's provision in that area.  Abigail has gone back to help Sarah and John with Manasseh until Hanukkah when she will be back to join us for the celebration. 
   We praise our Father for his provision for a reasonable place to camp while we rejuvenate and get our resources replenished.  We are also renting a 15x10 foot storage unit which is on the same place as the campground.  This gives us a little more room to spread out. 
   Please pray for us in the area of finding friends and fellowship as well as the rest of our needs which I have made known to our Father.  We try to patiently wait for His provision. 
I think we have had our next place verified to us but we will wait until Father gives us the green light through His provision to head in that direction.   

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