Monday, September 7, 2015

And it's 1, 2, 3......A Blessing

Our family received a blessing today.  Through our home school group we were blessed in receiving free tickets to a Cardinals baseball game.  The Springfield Cardinals.  Normally we don't have the resources for things like this so my girls don't know much about the game.  We spent time talking about how the game was played and seeing it from a suite.  That is what made this more special.  A suite.  Some of our girls would not be able to be in the crowd or handle the noise.  We were able to be in a suite with another family.  The Cards won and we even had a few fire works from nature in the last couple of innings.  There was thunder and lightning.  Here are some pictures from the game.

Oh wait a minute this is from the game after the game.  That's right the girls came home, ate supper and went out to play ball.  The only problem was the little critter that kept taking off with the bat every time the ball was hit and they ran to first or third base (as in the case of one of the girls).  That's right the dog didn't go after the ball.  It was the bat she wanted.  She did happen to trip up one of the girls as she ran to second for the last out of the game.

 From inside the suite you couldn't hear the sound system so it was easier on the ears.  Eating before the game outside the suite.  Most wanted dad out there to protect them from foul balls.  We were almost right behind home plate.  We had 3 balls come our way and dad went home with a souvenir.

 That's right girl you missed seeing the home run.  The home run for Esther is that the family that was at the suite with us had a couple of  grand babies with them.

 the lights came on at 2:30 as the clouds and lightening moved in.  The Cards won 6 to 2.

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