Monday, September 14, 2015

It Stands To Reason

We are anxiously awaiting the beginning of the fall feasts.  Why?  Because if Yahshua came the first time and fulfilled all the spring feasts as the Passover Lamb, it stands to reason that the second coming of the Messiah is tied to the fall feasts, which are just about to begin.  They begin on the 7th month of the Hebrew year.  Right about the time the Shemitah ends in the United States, the Feast of Trumpets begins in Israel. Many biblical scholars have suggested that the Feast Of Trumpets could be a time that Christ returns for his Bride. Known as the feast that “nobody knows the day nor the hour”, two men are sent as a witness outside the walls of Jerusalem to watch for the sliver of the New Moon. When they see the new moon, they return to Jerusalem to announce that the New Year has begun. Trumpets are sounded, and the festival begins.  So, now we see no moon.  In the next couple of days the sliver of the moon will be sighted.  No man knows the exact day or the exact hour.  Pretty amazing.  We have to be ready.  Are you waiting and watching?  10 days after this will be the Feast of Atonement.  Perhaps the church needs to be more aware of the Feasts of Yahweh.  Take into account the fact they are His special appointments for His set apart people.  Did you know the seal of Yahweh Elohim is the 7th day Sabbath?  Are you sealed and ready to be His?  I will touch more on the Seal in another post.  Until then see what you can find regarding it.  After all we are told to be Bereans and search out the Scriptures.  I will give you a hint though.  It is in the Old Testament.  Until then be ready as the trumpet will sound soon.  At the last trump...

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