Friday, December 18, 2015

Warning: this is a rant.

Back on the 8th I was let go from my job.  Since being hired my job changed so that I was placed under a supervisor.  This supervisor has not always been honest regarding my work, I believe there was deceit and power grabbing involved.  There was quite a bit more stress working under him and my job became less enjoyable.  There is so much more involved here than the little bit I have said.  We are in need of your prayers as I seek work that would meet our financial needs and also affordable housing for my family.  The camper needs work before we would be able to move back into that and at this time it is not affordable.  If any of you out there have some solutions for us we are more than willing to listen to them and seek where we should go.

My wife recently posted this on facebook
Warning - this is a rant. I am so sick of people who call themselves Christians who engage in inappropriate behavior and then lie about it. I am tired of my family being hurt because of it. This is the third time in 15 months. I know that God will judge them and have seen some of that already with the first two situations. I am no longer going to keep quiet to protect the people who have wronged my family, and yes, a couple of them from last year are on my friends list. But I don't care anymore. If they don't like what they read, they can unfriend me, because truly, they weren't friends. I'm also tired of Christians who stand by, don't question, and don't stand up to the ones who tell the lies, but would rather protect themselves, their friendships, and their jobs. That is not integrity and God calls us to integrity.
So if you want to have a relationship with my family, you had better be willing to live uprightly and honestly in your dealings with us, not get power-hungry, or money-hungry, better be willing to stand up for others when you witness someone being wronged. If you're not willing to live this way, then you need to stay away from my family. I'm tired of seeing my children have friendships, adopted "grandparents", that then turn and treat them terribly. My children are learning that it's not safe to trust people, and that is so wrong!

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