Wednesday, June 15, 2016

News and Good News

  So, how often do you have the opportunity to share the Scriptures with those around you?  More often than not I have opportunity to share with those I come in contact with when I have some of my daughters with me.  You see, I believe that being set apart means we dress accordingly.  So, people take notice more so when my girls happen to come along. Today was no different.
   I needed to stop in a Menards to obtain some items for work I am currently doing for someone here in Illinois.  A vendor for the local paper stopped me and asked about my subscribing for getting the paper on the weekend.  He made it very attractive price wise.  So, I told him I was not sure how much longer we were going to be in the area.  He said that was no problem as it could be done on a month to month basis and handed me a paper.  It was good for getting the local news, had comics and sports in it.  I told him that we are careful of what influences we allow into our home and we could get the news from the internet.  Sports has all kinds of bad influences that we don't want to surround our children with and comics, do they build up or tear down?  I would rather have my children read the Scriptures.  So, he then produced a $10 gift card where I could get a two month subscription free.  So, I then said I would have to pray about it before I would allow it.  He said he has been doing this for 12 years now and has never heard someone say that.  He is a Christian and reads his Bible.
      I said I felt it was more important for my children to read the Scriptures than to read a local paper.  He asked if they would start with the book of John?  I said no, the first 5 books in the Bible are the most important because you can not understand John without first . understanding the beginning of the Scriptures.  He then started to list Matthew, Mark, Luke...I said no, Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy.  He asked me if my girls had ever read Isaiah?  Yes, they have.  So, he then asked me if they start at the beginning how they would ever read about Jesus?  I started by saying the Messiah is talked about in Gen. 3:15 and then Abraham and Isaac, the picture of Messiah that is there.  So, he then asked the girls about Psalms and Proverbs and I told him the Messiah is also talked about in those books and with that he took the paper out of my hand he had given me and told me he had papers to sell.  So, we walked on to finish what we had started.
   The next opportunity was at a local grocery store.  Esther had noticed a lady wearing a skirt as she walked through the produce department.  This lady was taking notice of the warm weather apparel that people were wearing and you could tell she was not enthused about it.  Then Esther said, as she turned toward us and noticed my girls were wearing clothes that were modest, she put on a smile and started to approach us.  She mentioned it was nice to see some people who actually wore clothes during the summer.  I told her we thought it was important to wear clothes that are modest.  So, as she held out this little 1 inch by 1 inch booklet with some Scripture verses in it, she then said "I take it you are KJV only".  As I told her, no, we are not, she suddenly had a desire to be away from us.  As she was moving away I told her to please give those little booklets to those who do not have any Scripture to read and she said she would.
    So, what is the news, the good news?  The Kingdom of Yahweh Elohim is coming.  His son will reign here on earth and we are His ambassadors.  Are you ready?  Being KJV only cannot save you.  Reading your Bible cannot save you.  Telling others about Messiah cannot save you.  We are saved by grace through an active faith.  That active faith is demonstrated by being obedient to the instructions of the Father to His set-apart people.  Being set apart brings opportunity to share the Good News.  For more on what it means to be set apart I am in the process of writing a book.  If you would like to read an excerpt i will post one here shortly.

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