Saturday, June 25, 2016

Striving For Peace

Considering the restful day and entering into the Shalom which Father gives us.  As I was going through some posts on Facebook I was reminded that the Sabbath day of rest is a divine appointment or a "date" with one who loves us so much that He set one day aside to spend with us and us with Him.  It used to be hard for me to set aside the cares of the week.  I wanted to get out projects that I would like to eventually sell and work on them.  My wife and daughters would be horrified as I was "working".  It is so difficult to change the mentality which we have been brought up in.
     Today, if you are in churchianity there is no problem in buying and selling on Sunday.  It has become no different than any other day except you attend church, sing, listen to an appealing message and then head out a local restaurant or even to go shopping for groceries.  I can barely remember back in the early 70's when everything was closed on Sunday.  Now, it is just another business day.  But it is OK.  I don't mind businesses being opened on Sunday as that is not the right day for rest.  Now that is a work day, or family day.  That being said, I have learned to start preparing my heart for a day of rest on Sunday.  In other words, we have just finished a Sabbath rest on Saturday and now we turn our hearts for the next day of rest.  A time of looking forward to the Sabbath after a long hard week of work.
     I have had to learn it is not a day to stir up difficulties out of boredom.  My wife and daughters will often remind me during the week that I need to work towards striving for peace.  In this way when the Sabbath arrives I will already be in the correct frame of mind for a day full of Father's shalom and a day filled with family, rest and a time to grow closer to Father through His Word.
    As a father should my children be reminding me of the Father's desire?   I think it is a good thing as they desire me to grow and mature in following the instructions of the Father just as I desire them to do.  Have I arrived and been perfected yet?  No, I have a long way to go and I often forget to follow the road of Shalom.  What am I working on
Pro 26:18  As a mad man who casteth firebrands, arrows, and death,
Pro 26:19  So is the man that deceiveth his neighbour, and saith, Am not I in sport?
  I am trying to stop provoking my children to just get a rise out of them.  I have a certain daughter that I love to see a reaction from, but that does not create an atmosphere of peace and love.
    This last week I stepped on a nail while I was working.  A rusty one.  I cleaned it and took care of it but my foot hurts.  So, Thursday I had a charcoal poultice on it and then Friday my wife mentioned that if there is a red line going up the leg I needed to go to the doctor.  She then headed down the hall and I promptly took out a red marker and made a red line up my leg.  She came back with a head lamp to look at things and saw the red line I made.  She then went to the back of the house to have a couple of my other daughters come and take a look.  Well, this made some of my daughters very concerned for my health.  One of which was about in tears.  So, lesson learned, I deceived, lied to and caused an uproar in my house all without taking thought of this verse in Proverbs, all while we were heading into the day of rest. 
   So, how do you prepare for the Sabbath?  Are you promoting an atmosphere of peace in your household.  Join with me and learn the hard lesson of not causing uproars just to see reactions.  

Pro 6:16  These six matters יהוה hates, And seven are an abomination to Him: 
Pro 6:17  A proud look, A lying tongue, And hands shedding innocent blood, 
Pro 6:18  A heart devising wicked schemes, Feet quick to run to evil, 
Pro 6:19  A false witness breathing out lies, And one who causes strife among brothers. 
Pro 6:20  My son, watch over your father’s command, And do not forsake the Torah of your mother. 
Pro 6:21  Bind them on your heart always; Tie them around your neck. 
Pro 6:22  When you are walking about, it leads you; When you lie down, it guards you. And when you have woken up, It talks to you. 

I have a long way to go and I need to think before I act.  Join me in establishing households of the Father's Shalom.

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