Monday, July 11, 2016

A House of Faith

This goes with the previous post.  Concerning the interpretation of the Scirptures.  I would invite you to read the post on Questions first.  

This is exactly how the Scriptures should be viewed and interpreted
This is a very good image showing the authority of scripture from the foundation up.
The Torah is the foundation
The writings and Prophets must be understood from the Torah
The Gospels must be understood from the Torah, Writings and Prophets
The epistles must be understood from the Torah, Writings, Prophets and the Gospels.
The epistles do not replace or trump the TeNaKH (O.T.); they depend fully on it. Yeshua/Jesus did not come preaching a new Gospel; he came fulfilling (accomplishing) the promises found in the TeNaKh regarding the Gospel. The Apostles did not begin a new religion; they did not sit down to write scripture; and they certainly had no authority to alter the already revealed word of YaHWeH. The Apostolic writings (N.T.) is perfect because it agrees with the TeNaKh (O.T.) which is perfect; the Apostles speak with authority because they stand in agreement with what was previously spoken and written. All later revelation and or scripture stands or falls on the foundation of scripture - the Torah.
Don't build your house upside down!
The Torah Thumper
Image designed by: Paul Todd

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