Saturday, July 16, 2016

Home School this Summer

Photography 101
 this was done by our 16 year old

These next 2 were done by our 13 year old
 Home Ec.  This is the quilt that our 13 year old designed and put together with the help of an older neighbor.  The skirts were designed and sewn by out 16 year old without much help

 Science.  Can you figure out what kind of a moth this is?  We did.

 Science.  What causes this to happen with trees
 I enjoy the light effects on this photo.  art project for the future.  study
lighting on objects
 We are taking part in a traveling home school journal for Thinking Tree.  We were blessed to be able to color and work on a few pages in this journal.  It has been sent to the next family in line.

This page was to be creative on.  We had some library books that told what different groups of animals are called using collective nouns.  I found out that a "congress" of baboons is inaccurate.  It is a "troop".   We discovered different books gave differing names and also found some on the internet.
 The girls designed on this page
 A collective art project.  This was worked on by most of the family

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