Saturday, June 1, 2013

Sabbath Keepers?

The only day of the week that has a blessing associated with it is the 7th day or the Sabbath.
The only day of the week that we are told in Scripture to remember is the 7th day or Sabbath.
Why are we told, commanded to remember this day specifically and no other?  This is the day Yahveh rested from all His labor.  He set it apart for a reason.  He knew we would need a rest from our week of work too.  Why else?  Ps. 37: 4 tells us:
And delight yourself in יהוה

, And let Him give you the desires of your heart.  So now we need to know what Scripture means by delighting in Yahveh.  We find that answer in Is 58:
Isa 58:13 "If you do turn back your foot from the Sabbath, from doing your pleasure on My set-apart day, and shall call the Sabbath ‘a delight,’ the set-apart day of יהוה ‘esteemed,’ and shall esteem it, not doing your own ways, nor finding your own pleasure, nor speaking your own words, Isa 58:14 then you shall delight yourself in יהוה. And I shall cause you to ride on the heights of the earth,

So now I am brought to the question of this post.  Sabbath Keepers?  Are there reknown men of faith that were Sabbath Keepers in the recent past?

    One of my daughters was reading the biography of  D. L. Moody written by his son William.
She read that he would not preach or teach on Saturday unless Yahveh specifically told him to.  As she read the biography she got the distinct impression that Mr. Moody held this day to be a special day of rest.
    A couple of my other daughters had been doing some distribution of Scriptures for a company and were told of descendants of C. H. Spurgeon who have also said their preacher ancestor also held the Sabbath day Saturday in very high regard. 
     I do believe that this deserves a greater looking into as to their keeping of the Scriptures.  I do know that Mr. Spurgeon was against the observing of Christmas as it was pagan.

     As Mr. Moody and Mr. Spurgeon were contemporaries they became fast friends also as well as George Muller.  It turns out that after the passing of Mr. Spurgeon that Mrs. Spurgeon sent one of His Bibles to Mr. Moody. 
   Mr. Moody frequently lent out His Scriptures for others to read and write notes in.  In one was found written the following
Justification, a change of state, a new standing before Elohim
Repentance, a change of mind, a new mind before Elohim
Regeneration, a change of nature, a new heart from Elohim
Conversion, a change of life, a new life for Elohim
Adoption, a change of family, a new relationship toward Elohim
Sanctification, a change of service, separation unto Elohim
Glorification, a change of condition, at home with Elohim

and also this:
Yashua only:
The light of Heaven is the face of Yashua
The joy of Heaven is the presence of Yashua
The melody of Heaven is the name of Yashua
The harmony of Heaven is the praise of Yashua
The theme of Heaven is the work of Yashua
The employment of heaven is the service of Yashua
the fullness of heaven is Yashua Himself
The duration  of heaven is the eternity of Yashua.

These thoughts and notes were taken from the biography of D. L. Moody by his son William.

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