Sunday, June 16, 2013

A Day In The Life of Esther

    The other day I took Esther with me to return some books to the library.  She asked if she could take them in all by herself.  So, I asked if she knew where the front desk was and if she knew she was supposed to put them in the hole in the front.  She said she knew all of this.  We pulled up to the front of the library (we usually go in the back).  She proceeded to the front hall and looked about a little puzzled.  The librarian asked if she could help her.  She said she must be in the wrong library as the librarian who she was familiar with wasn't there.  Esther was then told this was the only library in town.  So she handed the lady the books and then headed out (the back door).  As she came back inside with another puzzled look on her face, she went up to the librarian and said that her dad had left her.  As time went on I began to be concerned, after all how long does it take to put books down a hole?  I left the car to track down my missing daughter.  As I entered the building I spied Esther and the librarian near the back door ( I was entering the front).  She was explaining to Esther that both the front and back doors look similar and she should check the front of the library to see if I was there.  Esther told her she thought she had already checked it.
   After picking up my daughter we proceeded on to our next stop, paying for the repairs on the van.  While we were traveling I tried to explain to Esther about paying closer attention to things that take place around her.  So, while finishing up business I asked about the key, which he said was in the van.  I then said my daughter would pick it up after she finished work.  So, Esther and I headed out the door, or tried to as Esther pushed and pushed only to find out she had to pull it open.  Once out the door Esther headed to the van while I started to the car.  I stopped to find out where she thought she was going, asked her if she had heard the conversation about Michaelle picking up the van after work.  She had heard that.
   So, off we go back home.  While talking, never a quiet moment when traveling alone with one of the kids, Esther proceeds to ask about stopping at the library to return the books.....

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