Wednesday, June 26, 2013

More Getting Ready for the Wedding Pictures

Laurie and Michaelle showing Sarah how to dance with John at the wedding.

 The cats waiting for the timer to go off before getting back to helping with the dress making.

 Fitting the Brides dress
Chamomile and pretty flowers.  Taking time to observe the beauty created around us.

 Back to work on the Brides dress.

 More Fittings Before the Final Day

Fitting For Fun
Now for the Bridesmaid's Dress.
Started with a pattern for squaredancing
Make a blouse and then add to the skirt material to make a full skirt.  Turned out great.  Did it for all the rest . 

 More Fun Fittings

 Working on ironing the material after washing it.

 This sewing is such hard work.  Too much play time

Wedding Memory Book

 Bridesmaid fittings.  Swing your skirt round and round....
 just a little dizzy for turning

 I think I have another pair of socks just like this at home!

More material


Bottom of the table while Laurie cut on the top.  She would run at
Sewing machine when it started and then would claim the material
waiting to be cut as it sat on the table and chair.

 Some of the girls getting tired of dad getting the camera out

Trying something new with cake decorating.  I bought sugar roses from Walmart and some food color.  Charisa and I painted the tips of the roses in Sarah's colors.

I think I need some help measuring this material mom.

 Almost looks like Nellie Olson.  But Esther is much better behaved.
Just something special about girls and dresses they can twirl in.


Placing the bows and ribbons on the wedding dress

 Getting flowers ready

Cake decorating.

 Future brother-in-law, John with Carrie

gifts from family

Final decorating

Let's do it.  Let's roll.  Next step, Wedding Pictures!!  Stay tuned

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