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hearts joys

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Preparing for Wedding Pictures

Well Sarah's wedding is only days away.  A little over a week ago Laurie took Sarah to town a couple days in a row.  On the first day they spent time looking for modest dresses.  This is supposed to be an informal small wedding for a few family members and friends.  They found absolutely nothing that was modest.  So they took a second day and looked at patterns to make a dress.  Again a very long search to find something that would be modest.  They finally settled on a pattern from Germany in the costume section.  Picked out some very pretty material to go with it and then we celebrated the Sabbath.

A refreshing time to get our bearings before we begin the final preparations for the wedding.
Sunday morning was upon us before we wanted it to begin.  I settled in for a double work day at the farm and Laurie began to get things around for a marathon of sewing.
Seeing how I had Monday off from work, Laurie decided we needed to obtain necessary items for the wedding and stuff to make dresses for all the girls. 
So we loaded up the van and headed into town.

The first stop was the Paper Place for plates, napkins and what-nots
Sarah's choice of plates

This is not going to happen.  I will become the fashion police and put my foot down.  We will not have kitty plates for a wedding.

Let's just color coordinate with Sarah's wedding colors.
Now, make sure and double check mom's list.

After a couple of stores it is time for some lunch and letting go of excess energy.  We found a nice park, ate lunch and then had some play time. 
 Michaelle here had so much energy.


OK Esther, it's your turn.  Don't worry, I'll catch you.  Trust me!

Help meeeeee!!

Hey, Dad's got the camera out again!
Sarah spent time helping the little ones have some fun



No, I don't think we can say just a couple of dizzy blonds here.
Carrie, wait for me!!!
Hey a tunnel slide.  Let's go.  Michaelle don't hit your head at the top like you did at the park in Redwood Falls.

I'm not going up there.   I'll wait down here for you to come out at the bottom

Two. Gotta be Jennella, you just can't miss those shoes.

I still have some more energy let's go over there.
Wait for me.  I'm coming too.

Charisa's beautiful smile.
Now it's time to head out to the Fabric Ware house for patterns and material for the girls.

This is tough finding one we all like.  You do it.

I'm getting bored mom.

let's see.  Do you like this one?
OK, let's start picking out some material.

Oh, Michaelle it's perfect!

Mom, are you really sure about that?
Yes, Michaelle, it's really you.  It will look

Meanwhile back at the pattern book table we are still having some trouble finding the perfect pattern

The little ones became bored but were able to find something to entertain themselves for awhile.

Over all it was a fantastic trip with everyone involved.  The girls found some beautiful material and dress pattern that would work for everyone.

At the end of the day everyone was exhausted but more excited about the coming wedding or perhaps about having new dresses. 
Stay tuned for more pictures of dresses and wedding preparations.



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