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hearts joys

Saturday, November 16, 2013

The 7 Churches and today

Here is another interesting post from our friend Kyle in MI.

Kinda makes you think what we have been taught through man’s interpretations (enjoy)
Blessed is he who reads and those who hear the words of the prophecy, and heed the things which are written in it; for the time is near.”
(Revelation 1:3)
11 / 16 / 13
(Comments in parentheses and emphasis within Scriptures are mine.)
First thoughts:
I was always told that “through the blood of Jesus I am forgiven for any wrong that I do, have done, and WILL do as long as I trust in Him for my Salvation.  (Meaning: In Him, I no longer need to worry about the Laws as given by God to Moses).  I am going to give you a nutshell summary of what Yeshua (Jesus) tells the seven churches in the book of Revelation which is about a time in the future.  I put down what He finds in them that is good … what is lacking … and then, for some, what will be the consequence if they do not repent (turn away from their lawlessness).  We should be inspired to imitate what He says is good and rid our lives of what is not pleasing to Him.  The Holy Spirit’s job is to sanctify.  May we all allow Him (the Spirit) to eliminate that which is NOT good in His eyes and repent from these deeds (no longer do them):
Church one:
Good: They toil and persevere to do good … they cannot tolerate evil men (those who do not obey God) … they test those who call themselves apostles (yet are not and are found to be liars) … they endure and persevere for the name of God.
Bad:  They no longer do it out of the love they had at the beginning, but more as a routine.
Warning: IF they do not repent and turn and do the obedience they did at first … they will die (their lampstand will be removed).  If you are obeying God or worshipping Him because of what others are doing or out of a routine obedience … they are dead acts.
Church two:
Good:  They go through tribulations and accept their poverty as a way of life to give Him glory… they are ridiculed by those who call themselves Jews (believers) and are not.
Bad:  There is nothing mentioned.  Instead, they are being told it will get even worse, but if they are faithful until death, they will receive salvation.
Warning: (none)
Church three:
Good: They held fast to His name and did not deny their faith even as some were killed among them that believed (During this, they did not turn away)
Bad:  There were some who held to the teaching of Balaam and set stumbling blocks before God’s people (Israel).  Balaam’s quest was to make Israel turn from YHVH’s teaching by making them mingle with unbelievers.  So that they would not obey His commands / Laws (such as eating things sacrificed to idols and to commit acts of immorality).  Isn’t that what many are teaching today?  It is okay to live without the Laws “through Jesus” (This is a stumbling block).
Warning: IF they do not repent (turn away from such false teachings) Yah will make war against them with a sword in His mouth.
Church four:
Good: Their obedience is known and they are obeying more than they did at first.  They have love, faith, service, and perseverance.
Bad:  Although they obey and do all of the above, they tolerate the woman Jezebel and her teachings that lead the men astray and into committing acts of immorality and eating things sacrificed to idols.  There should not even be a HINT of sexual immorality among us.  Do not tolerate it.
Warning: IF they do not repent and turn from her teaching, they will be thrown into the great tribulation.  Notice that although they obey and do all those things, just ONE thing that He abhors will cast them away:  tolerating a sinful influence.  The conclusion about this church is each will receive according to what they do (no wonder Satan wants us to believe we are no longer bound by the Law).  Do you not find it interesting that those who keep YHVH’s Law until the end (“keeps My deeds until the end”) will be given authority? 
Church five:
Bad: (since there are no good except those few who have not soiled their garments with intentional sins):  They are simply told, they THINK they are alive in Him, but He is telling them that they are dead because of their lack of obedience (deeds).  They are told to wake up because their obedience (deeds) are NOT complete in the sight of God.
Those who are called good (practice the Laws as part of their life): THEY are worthy.
Note: Those who overcome the lies of man and the beast who try to change the Laws and the appointments … Daniel 7:25 … they will be worthy for Salvation
Church six:
Good:  They have kept God’s Word, but are being worn out.  They have not denied the name of YHVH.  But BECAUSE they have kept His Word, they will be kept from the hour of testing which is about to come upon the whole world.
Bad:  There is none mentioned.  They are told they are loved because they hold fast to the Word of God and protect His Laws.  They are told to continue to persevere … for they will be made a pillar in the temple of God.
Church seven:
Good:  There are none mentioned about them. 

Bad:  These people SAY they love God, but by their actions, they deny Him.  They are called lukewarm and will be spit out of the mouth of God in the end.
They SAY they are rich, but they are wretched, miserable and poor (naked and blinded).  
Warning: They are being told that they are still loved, but only if they repent (turn from the lives without the Law) and become zealous.
I find it very interesting as The Day draws near, it IS all about what we do out of our faith!  Many can SAY, “I love Him”, but because they did not obey His Laws but believed the man of lawlessness who has changed the appointments (From HIS Feasts to man-made ones) and Laws (Sunday is now Sabbath, eat what we want, and so forth) they will be cast into the lake of fire.  Words of faith do not save anyone … it is what we DO out of our faith that makes our salvation complete (I will show you my faith by what I do...
“But prove yourselves doers of the word, and not merely hearers who delude (deceive) themselves.”  (James 1:22)
Looking back at the seven churches, now we can see WHY YHVH is so upset (and was upset when our forefathers turned away from obeying Him.  He does not want hearts of rebellion in the coming Kingdom.  He had those kind of hearts in His Kingdom before.  He is NOT looking for perfection, but hearts bent on practicing whatever He asks us to do (and not doing what He asks us NOT to do).

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