Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Name

This morning I am posting as to the importance of the name of our Savior and our Father.  I read this and as it is copy righted I will post the link here.

In research I have found there is very little significance to the name "Jesus".  Whereas the name Yahshua means "salvation" or "Yah's Salvation".  Others have also hinted at the possibility of the name Jesus being associated with the pagan god Zeus.  Scripture tells us we are to abstain from all appearance of evil.  Scripture also tells us not to mix the worship of pagan deities with that of our Father Yahweh Elohim.  It is an abomination to Him to mix any type of pagan practice in worship of Him.  So, what does this mean for me and my household?  We use the proper names for Abba El, our Father in heaven and for His son Yahshua our Messiah.  Also we decline from mixing the pagan practices of churchianity with the Holy days of our Father.  Scripture also tells us to worship the Father in spirit and in truth.  There is absolutely no truth in Messiah being in Christmas or Easter.  If you truly desire to worship Father with these things in mind you would do well to celebrate His Holy days of Trumpets, Passover and Unleavened bread.
Folks, I implore you to do the research for yourself rather than trusting to the teachings of your local church and those who are steeped in churchianity.  Seek for truth and you shall be amazed at what you find.

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