Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Father's Provision

At first we didn't know how close we were to KC, that is until we heard the planes overhead.  We were camped at a beautiful place.  The Redbuds were blooming, and the ponds looked nice.  We didn't have to leave until 1 that afternoon so we were not in a hurry.  The girls talked to the RV Ladies some.  Many were of the grandmother type and they seemed to really enjoy the girls.  Knowing we would be traveling we sent the little ones down to the play area and one of them took the camera and got these beautiful photos.

Really have to watch out for the tether ball as it likes noses.

Before leaving the kids reminded me I really needed to pray today.  It seems in our haste to leave on Thursday I forgot to pray.  The goal for the day was to head for Kansas City and south through Kansas.  As we were going around KC we changed our plans and decided to head directly to John and Sarah's before the Sabbath.  It seemed to take forever to get around the city and back into Missouri.  I know it was the long way around but at least the girls have now been to Kansas.  

Some where along the line one of the cats decided it would be fun to help the driver.  It wasn't the stowaway or the monstrosity.  Marshmallow came up along the driver's side door and I stopped her by putting my hand down.  She then climbed up along the back head rest with one of her back claws digging into the back of my neck.  Decided to make an emergency stop at the next exit and place all the cats in the camper.  I think everyone was well pleased with the new arrangement as we didn't need to worry about a smelly cat box or the cats being where they were not supposed to be. 

We came across this sign to Nevada and wondered if dad took another wrong turn somewhere around KC.  Actually Laurie placed a well timed text message to a few friends saying we have seen a sign for Nevada.  With all my wrong turns and trouble on Wednesday I guess they didn't realize there was a Nevada, Missouri.  We also saw a sign for Oregon, Corn Husker Rd, Carthage, and Bob Boozer somewhere along the journey.

After our emergency stop on Thursday we realized what we were seeing taking place here along the highway as people were standing outside their vehicle and the police were taking the thing apart.  The drug enforcement officers were hard at work stopping drug traffickers.  We saw about 4 vehicles stopped in about an hour stretch of the highway.   

For those of you who love mushrooms we came across this giant mushroom going down the highway.  This is just the top of it.  
The highlight of our day came at one of those times that had to be orchestrated by Father.  It started with one of the girls (I bet you can guess it) yep, a bathroom stop.  So, we traveled about 10 miles before we found an exit to get both fuel and the emergency bathroom stop.  I had finished pumping my fuel when I noticed a car pull up from Iowa.  An elderly gentleman emerged from the car a little stiff and sore from his travels down the road.  I mentioned it looked like he had come quite a ways and so began an interesting conversation.  As the girls came out of the station, his wife got out of their car.  We learned they were on their way to Oklahoma for a reunion.  They were Mennonite.  As my wife and girls dress modestly (dresses, skirts and headcovers) they asked about us and our beliefs.  We also took the opportunity to say we were heading for where ever God would lead us to be a blessing to His people.  We must have chatted for about 20 minutes.  As we were getting ready to leave, this minister asked how I fed all those kids.  My reply was that I didn't, but God did as they were His children.  He then told me of a program of "pass it on" through their church.  He then gave me $40.  I told him as I was prompted by Abba El, I too would pass it on.
Knowing this gentleman had been asking how I fed my children we took this as a sign Abba had provided for our evening Sabbath meal through them.  We stopped at a McDonalds after turning east from Joplin.  What a blessing to not have to worry about the evening meal after we stopped for the day.  A great preparation day for our Sabbath.  We prayed for their safety as we pulled away from the pump and are continuing to ask Father to bless them as they had blessed us.

On Wednesday we started seeing these birds.  They had a large wingspan similar to an eagle but they weren't eagles.  We couldn't figure it out.  Then on Thursday as Abigail and Laurie rode with the state police officer they both took the opportunity to ask what they were.  They are a vulture.  The wind will occasionally flip them over as they float upon the winds.

The day was fast diminishing.  Dark was coming fast.  We prayed for a place to spend the weekend before visiting with John and Sarah.  I stopped at a gas station and asked about camping places.  They directed me to the state park about 12 miles away.  They said there was a steep incline and to be careful.  As it was getting dark I really didn't want to try the steep grade in the dark.  So we pulled into a place about 3 miles from the state park.  Almost 9 pm.  The sun was setting and we talked with the owners about staying for at least 3 nights.  It was a great beginning to our Sabbath rest.  There is more to the story but we wouldn't know that until Monday.  So, I guess I will try to not make you wait 3 days to hear the rest of the story.  But you will have to wait until my next post.

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