Monday, April 28, 2014

Getting Caught Up

One week ago today we left our home in Minnesota for the south and giving our oldest daughter, her husband and new baby some help.  Our first night was in S. Sioux City, Neb.  We spent the next day recuperating from all the activity of the previous two weeks.  We haven't updated since due to poor internet connections at the camp grounds we stayed at, and this weekend just relaxing some.  When you place yourself into Elohim's hands and go to bring encouragement to His people you never know what He is going to do.
Wednesday started out extremely windy.  We headed out about 1 in the afternoon hoping to make it past Nebraska City.  The lady at the camp ground told us to be very careful as we traveled.  It was a struggle the whole afternoon to keep the van and camper headed in the right direction.  As we looked at stop lights the wind was keeping them close to a 45 degree angle.  Just to let you know on Monday I made about 13 miles per gallon and on Wednesday it was down to about 5.  I was so intent on fighting the wind I missed the turn for the highway we were taking south.  I was going to stop at a scenic pull over to view a Native American grave site my daughters asked us to see.  That didn't happen as we were passed the point of no return before I realized we were on the wrong road.  Headed in the right direction but the wrong road.  We stopped to reorganize and figure out where to turn to head to Nebraska City and south 29.  Well, you know this day didn't start too good and you can guess that there were more mistakes to be made.  I saw a sign saying that 29 was to the left, so I made a fatal mistake or near fatal as it frazzled my poor wife.  We turned and head toward 29 and ended up there but after the adventure of crossing the confluence of the Missouri and Platt Rivers on an old beat up toll bridge.  What really got to Laurie was the going down into the valley with all the hills and turns.  Finally made it to 29 south back in the state of Iowa and started looking for a place to camp for the night.  We saw a sign for a camp ground and turned right off the interstate only 4 miles away.  Guess where we were?  Right, 1 mile from Nebraska city back in the state of Nebraska, on the road I was supposed to take to go to 29.  What a day.  My neck and shoulders ached from fighting the wind the whole way.
Planning Wednesday's route

beautifying South Sioux City with Chalk drawingsstanding beside the Missouri

Mike and Laurie overlooking the Missouri

My girls.  A lovely crew.

A reminder that we are the light that Abba El uses to bring others to Him and to bring encouragement to those who are seeking.

looking out over the Missouri

Heading the wrong way but an interesting one

The old toll bridge. 

At the evenings camping spot there were ornamental pear trees in blossom.  Very pretty site.

More to come.  The rest of the week was filled with more adventure and the meeting of the state highway patrol.  

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Anna Johnson said...

Glad you guys are having fun. Our plans are not always his plans.