Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Saying Goodbye

Our adventure began months ago.  The plans were in the works to leave Minnesota last August.  There were delays and more delays.  Now when Abba El's timing for leaving took place things began to move very fast.  Two weeks ago we knew we would leave within two weeks.  We had a week of moving sale and then a week of getting everything packed and either shipped for safe keeping (thank you mom and dad) or loaded on the camper.  We woke up Sunday morning bright and early to finish things up (5:30).  Come 10 pm and we were still trying to get everything finished up.  By 7:30 Monday morning we were finally ready to go.  Most of us had not gotten any sleep at all.  After praying and asking a blessing for safe travels we headed out and down the road.  On Wednesday we ended up with 8-10 inches of snow.  This threw us off some.
 By Friday the snow was gone and we continued to get ready to go too.  We said goodbye to Danube which was a nice small town to raise our daughters in.

 I should be posting a picture here of the van and camper all loaded up and ready to go but I forgot to get that picture.  Please use your imagination.  So, with the birds singing and blue skies and wind blowing we headed south for Iowa.

 Once on the road things got interesting quite fast.  And here I will let my wife's words be posted
Today at 3:41 PM

  We were up all night Sunday packing. We left MN Monday morning at 7:30 and stopped yesterday afternoon at a campground on the MO River in South Sioux City, NE. We went from bare trees to some with green, brown grass to green and the younger girls found dandelions this morning.

It took us seven hours to make it this far as every time we went above 45 mph the camper and van would sway. (Mike here:  Sometimes I could get up to 50 and if the wind hit just right it would sway) We wanted to stop at a campground a couple hours earlier in IA, but didn't think we would make it up the very steep hill. On the steep hills on the interstate we were down to 15mph by the time we got to the top; makes for some interesting driving! We think once we leave some things with our daughter and son-in-law that will lighten our load and make traveling more efficient.  (Also I will rearrange the load and move heavier things off the end of the camper to take care of the sway).  

We are staying here until Wed morning. This campground is part of the city parks and is huge with YMCA, sports fields, trails, so we may do some exploring today. Our campsite is one of those closest to the river; we saw a family of ducks swim by last night. It's beautiful here and feels like we dropped right into spring.

Mike here again.  Someone let one of the girls take control of the camera so I will post some pictures of the trip.  This is one of the steep hills looking down.  Yes, folks that is not a straight shot of the road.  It is all downhill.

Abigail with her stowaway.  The cat found us before we left and hung/followed the girls around all night long on Sunday.

I guess with all the swaying and bumping it was safer to ride in the litter box (only clean litter) and cooler too.

Tomorrow the journey south continues as we head toward Kansas and Missouri.
I will update more later.

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