hearts joys

hearts joys

Thursday, March 7, 2013


Ok, so we want to replace the carpet in the trailer with wood flooring so we don't have to have a vacuum on hand to clean things.  We want to be able to sweep the floor.
I bought some flooring at Home Depot yesterday and Laurie read the instructions today.  We can't have temperatures fluctuating lower than 58 degrees without the possibility of the floor ending up with problems.
So, we are back to square one with what to do about the floor.  Perhaps vinyl?  Anyone have any suggestions for us.  We want something that will be durable and clean up easy. 


Ken Johnson said...

My mom lived in a 36 foot campet with half carpet and half vinyl. A swiffer took just a few minutes on the vinyl but carpet did tend to get dirty. She bought a tiny vacuum (Orek XL) and the carpet was clean and the vacuum did not take up much room. She lived in it five years as her only residence.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike

In our cabin, we just put down 1/4 inch panelling (without grooves) and put polyurethane on it. If you put about 3 coats on, it will hold up pretty good. We have been using it since last fall and it has held up well. We have 2 fifty pound dogs, also. Just a thought. Easy and inexpensive. :-)

JosephWalker said...

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