hearts joys

hearts joys

Saturday, March 30, 2013


As I get older it becomes harder to remember things.  Last night I walked into the kitchen only to forget the reason I headed in that direction.  Laurie walked in on me when I had my hand on my head and working hard to remember.  Good thing she can read my thoughts or at least heard the conversation between my 8 year old daughter and I.  I was heading to get the cat to put on her bed for the night.
  Is it any surprise then when we think about how forgetful we can be that Yahweh sets up reminders for us to remember Him and the things He has done for us? 
He set His bow in the sky after the flood.
He told Joshua to set up stones after crossing the flooded Jordan River
Hey, How about the one in Exodus where He actually tells His people to specifically remember something He thought was very special.
Why?  would He tell us to Remember the Sabbath?  Did He know we would forget?  Did He know the right day would be changed by pagan people?

So, How is your memory?

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