hearts joys

hearts joys

Thursday, March 14, 2013

outside the box

I would like to say thank you for your input as far as the renovation of our camper.  The flooring problem I think can be solved the way that one of our readers has recommended.  I really appreciate this input as it helps to change the way we think about things.  I am going to look into the possibility of putting 1/4 inch paneling on the floor.  I think I remember something about a hard coat finish that might be able to be applied or a gym floor finish. 
   I am also looking into putting solar collectors on the top so we can travel without having to rely upon electric hookup.  I had thought about a solar emergency station but was told it would not be what I was looking for.  After doing just a little research I think I can build a system for the same or just a little bit more than what I had been looking at.  The costs can be recouped in less that 6 months of use and not having to stop at places to hook up to their electric.

Another of our readers has asked if we ever saw a TV show where a family went and traveled using a camper to do ministry.  Promised Land, I think it was.
I guess this is a part of why we are going to do this.  We have absolutely no idea where it is that Yahweh is leading us.  So, if you would desire to join with us in prayer, here are some requests.
1.  We will be ready to go at His time
2.  Strength to get things done
3.  That we will be able to sell our things
4.  That He will provide for our travel
5.  That He will lead us and guide to those He desires us to cross paths with
6.  That He will provide for us to purchase the items to remodel and renovate the camper.
7.  That He will give wisdom in the purchase of what we will need for homeschooling in the coming years as we travel.
And once again we would appreciate any comments and suggestions to help us think outside the traditional box.

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